Friday, February 19, 2010

Tea Party TV and Young People Involved

While we are not a "Tea Party" group, most of our members are very supportive of the Tea Party movement and attend Tea Parties.

Now you can follow them better and be encouraged by all the activity the main stream media is not showing you. Check out Tea Party TV from the good folks at PJTV.

PJTV has been bringing you news about the Tea Party Movement since it began in February 2009. We covered the April 15 tax day and July 4 protests. Last fall, we embedded a reporter on the Tea Party Express Bus Tour, covering events in 38 cities and uploading more than 100 videos from those events. Just last week, we webcast the National Tea Party Convention live from Nashville, including Sarah Palin's keynote.

To continue to be the leader in covering this movement, PJTV is proud to announce...

Tea Party TV

Tea Party TV is the go-to place for news on the Tea Party Movement. Dana Loesch, AlfonZo Rachel and Glenn Reynolds are the hosts, bringing you news and commentary on:
  • What tea party groups are forming, who is working together and who isn't.
  • How the tea party groups are working, or not, with the Republicans, Independents, Libertarians and Democrats.
  • Who the emerging leaders are and what they stand for.
  • What issues and challenges the tea parties are tackling.
  • What media outlets are covering the tea parties and which aren't.
  • What the polls are telling us about the impact of the tea parties.
So check out Tea Party TV and be sure to watch their first report. In it you will see a segment about young people getting involved in the movement. Everyone has been asking "Where are the young people?" Well, here they are. Check out their website also at Tea Party Youth.

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