Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Socialist and Racist

These are two words I hear tossed around a lot in the "state run" media. So many media people and detractors of the 912 movement use these terms and they mean different things to different people.

These are the webster dictionary meanings for these terms:

racism: belief that some races of men are by nature superior to others.
When we oppose health care, amnesty or cap and trade, they call us racists. What does opposing an unconstitutional law have to do with superiority of race?

socialism: any of various economic and political theories or social systems based on collective or government ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.
Is the takeover of GM, AIG and other financial institutions good examples? How about complete ownership of all college loans? Do they fit the definition? If so, why won't the government and the media call this what it is?

Political correctness is putting a blindfold on it's citizens. Call it like it is!

Real American Stories

Here's the promo for the debut of Sarah Palin's Real American Stories which will air on Thursday night at 10:00 PM on Fox News.

Real American Stories

Gross Injustice Enjoys Its Reign


Grossly false attacks on the Catholic Church and in particular Pope Benedict XVI, while enjoying splashy, front page life in the secular media, have been rebutted and proven false repeatedly. But the same media outlets who have spread this trash across this nation, like thick lox on a bagel, are hardly going to publish the truth as it is written.

The places from which reality has been published are not mainstay sources of information for the most of the country, sadly not even for many Catholics.

Following is just one of many articles. Click if you want truth. The same source carries several other articles if you are a seeker of honesty and justice.


Ohio Tea Party Groups Challenge Health Care Mandate with Constitutional Amendment

The Ohio Liberty Council, a statewide coalition of over 25 grassroots groups, has submitted a proposed state constitutional amendment that will “preserve the freedom of Ohioans to choose their health care and health care coverage.” The amendment, drafted by the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law, would protect Ohioans from the financial burdens and individual mandates contained in the new federal health care measure passed by Congress. The group filed constitutional amendment summary language and nearly 3,000 signatures from registered voters in 48 counties with the Ohio Secretary of State and Attorney General.

Once the wording of the amendment is approved by the Ohio Attorney General, it is then sent to the The Ohio Ballot Board for certification as a “single issue”.

In order for the amendment to appear on the November ballot, the law requires that petitions with at least 402,275 valid voter signatures be submitted by the end of June.  That is a huge undertaking and the effort is already short on time.  Our only hope lies in technology, organization, and the networking power of the Tea Party Movement.

But Technology is the answer to overcome the time crunch and successfully achieve the 500,000 signatures needed to place the amendment on the November 2010 ballot.

ORGANIZATION is our best hope! You can preregister to sign a petition once the wording is approved.  Go to The Ohio Project and register to be notified when and where you can sign a petition.

The Ohio Project

The amendment language is available here.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bullies Revisited

"This highlights a disturbing trend in Canada: bullies have been taught that they need only shout, threaten to disrupt an event, or mis-label people or activities as ‘hate’ or ‘harassment’ and the innocent will be censored. All too often the authorities listen to these thugs and limit or suppress peaceful speech for fear of what the bullies will do. This is especially true of pro-life speech."
The CCBR release ...... goes on to describe instances of “mob rule” at Canadian universities, where protesters have disrupted or shut down numerous school-approved pro-life and pro-free-speech events."

This is an excerpt from an article about the University of Ottowa's canceling Ann Coulter's visit. Read it here. Bully-power is the refuge of the weak and frightened. They can bully because they have the muscle. They’ve performed in force in the U.S. too.

Here in the States we are watching a curious twist in bully tactics of late. It began when freedom loving constitutionalists saw need to defend their Republic.

The 9-12 Projects, Tea Parties, and citizens who aren’t gonna take it anymore, made an administration that thought it had the mandate to reign supreme, sit up and take note. As numbers grew and voices boomed, administration officials stared at television coverage, and mulled over this unforeseen problem. Who would have thought the people would want a voice? Suddenly with a burst of cleverness, an official blurt out, “This is how we’ll handle them. This is how we’ll douse their flame. Use them against themselves”!

And so it began. First an official or two spoke about how “dangerous” the town hall “mobs” were. Media outlets willingly repeated the charge. More officials feigned righteousness while decrying the “violent” Tea Partiers. Bloggers sent the falsehoods streaming into the consciousness of millions. As the protesters grew in number, so grew the warnings to the presumed gullible people.

Citizens, following their constitutional rights to gather and petition Congress, were becoming victims of propaganda. They were called “a threat” because of the language they used. Our nation was told to fear these protesting common folk, some with children in tow.

What was really happening? The bullies were laying the bully label on the people! A photo of thousands of seriously chanting people can be captioned however the press chooses. Succeeding governmental travesties brought out the anger in people. “Ah” an official said, “So much easier to point the finger of fear.”

The schoolyard bully would gladly throw blame on others when the opportunity arose. But when did he ever orchestrate a long term campaign to sway the thinking of the entire school
population? No, this is a uniquely twenty-first century American twist of bullying.

Is it a successful ploy? That is yet to be seen. Impassioned citizens have gathered by the (1.7) millions and are yet to be officially charged with any violation or even leaving a scrap of litter. People who care about justice have not been cowed, shaken, or found guilty of false charges. They stand strong and clean.

How did your dad tell you to handle a bully? Stand up to him and he’ll leave you alone, right? And it worked! What the code of being a dad didn’t allow him to tell you, until after the fact, was the bully would leave you alone, but maybe not before giving you a black eye.

We the people will have our voices heard. We can’t stop the bully’s insipid plan. But we’re willing to take the black eye. For that eye will always be focused on freedom.


Violent Liberal Hate Rhetoric: Fifteen Quotes

I hesitate to post this article because of the level of hate that comes through.  Not from the author, but from the liberal quotes he sites.  However, it’s important to have this information when someone on the left says the right is engaging in hate speech.

by John Hawkins

In an effort to distract people from the destructive, illegitimate power-grab-of-a-bill masquerading as health care reform that the Democrats just passed over the objections of the American people, liberal members of Congress have spent days over-hyping threats against them. Of course, the sad reality is that EVERYONE who achieves any notoriety at all in this business gets death threats, but it's only treated as noteworthy by the press when it happens to liberals. Had the exact same events that followed the health care debate happened to Republicans instead of Democrats, it wouldn’t have been a page one story in any major paper in the nation.

Read the rest here

Editors' Note: This column contains language some may find offensive.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Representing’ al-Qaeda


Does helping jihadists lie, plot, and identify CIA agents demonstrate patriotism — or material support to terrorism?

I finally know what Glenn Beck is talking about when he says blood shot out from his eyes. How can this not be deemed treason?

From the NRO read it


Tea Party Express and CNN Bias

The Tea Party Express III kicked off their cross country road trip on Sunday in Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nevada.  This rolling Tea Party will make a stop in Cleveland on Sunday, April 11th on their way to Washington, DC.

By all accounts it was successful beyond anybody's wildest expectations.  But you wouldn’t know that from CNN.

CNN's Fredricka Whitfield reporting on the event proclaimed "Hundreds of people, at least dozens of people - we haven't gotten a count of how many people turned out there.” Video here.

Maybe she should have tuned in Fox News to check out the crowd!  I sure looked like more than “dozens of people”.


And how could “dozens of people” driven so many cars?


This photo was taken at 1:35 p.m. More than an hour and a half after the rally started and people were lining the highway still trying to get in.  The actual rally is in the upper left corner of this photo.

Photos © 2010 - American Border Patrol

Mark Steyn commented "With counting skills like that, no wonder they think being trillions of dollars in debt is a great way to control costs."

UPDATE:  Several people have asked for video of this event.

Sarah Palin Part 1

Sarah Palin Part 2

Home Video

Aerial Video of Traffic - (Shaky and may make you a little sea sick!) 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Preamble to the Bill of Rights

Did you know that there was a Preamble to the Bill of Rights? I didn't either until I read a book that said there was one, but it was removed in the 1930s. Wow, just when the New Deal and social experiments started.

The following is the original preamble to the Bill of Rights.....
"The conventions of a number of States, having at the time of their adoption of the Constitution expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best insure the beneficent ends of its institutions."

Why hasn't this shown up in our textbooks?

D. Roman

Abraham Lincoln

I remember the press comparing our President to Abraham Lincoln. Do you think the President would agree with this Abraham Lincoln quote? D. Roman

Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well wisher to his posterity, swear by the blood of the Revolution never to violate in the least particular the laws of the country, and never to tolerate their violation by others. As the patriots of '76 did to the support of the Declaration of Independence, so to the support of the Constitution and laws let every American pledge his life, his property, and his sacred honor. Let every man remember that to violate the law is to trample on the blood of his father, and to tear the charter of his own and his children's liberty..... Let it be taught in schools, in seminaries, and in colleges, let it be written in primers, in spelling books and in almanacs, let it be preached from the pulpit, proclaimed in legislative halls, and enforced in courts of justice. And, in short, let it become the political religion of the nation, and, in particular, a reverence for the Constitution.
- Abraham Lincoln

PJTV to Cover Sarah Palin Live

The Tea Party Express is kicking off their third road trip today with a mega rally in the home town of Harry Ried.  More than 10,000 conservatives are expected to attend and her Sarah Palin, the key-note speaker at 3 PM EDST.

Some people think the Tea Party Express is a device of the Republican party to take over the Tea Party movement.  Others see it as catalyst to to bring conservatives together and get more people involved in the core principles of smaller government, less taxes and constitutional principals.

Check it out and make up your own mind.

You can follow all the events of the day live on PJTV on your computer.  Fox News has carried their events in the past as well. 


African-American Conservatives Running for Congress

Republicans have recruited their biggest roster of African-American candidates ever.

Many of them are gathered in Washington this weekend for the annual Frederick Douglass Foundation Leadership Summit, where Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele spoke.

The pro-life, anti-gay marriage political group was founded two years ago with the help of North Carolina Republican Party Vice Chairman Timothy Johnson.

Most of the African-American conservatives are long shot candidates. Many say they don’t expect to get the financial backing they desperately need, but they are still determined to raise money much like Obama, by appealing to small grassroots donors, including Tea Party Republicans and conservative Democrats.

Here is a list of black Republican candidates in 2010:

Candidates for the Senate

Candidates for Congress


Source: The Daily Caller

Hattip: Jim, Cleveland 9.12

Friday, March 26, 2010

Democrats Establish Their Agenda


Several blue states were poised to spring into action so as to bring more people to their way of thinking before the ink on the unhealthy bill was dry. Anyone who is going to benefit soon, even if they'll pay dearly in the future, will be a sure Democrat vote or so political wisdom goes. Click here for article.

Here's a little tale that Aesop might like.

The Family in the Blue House
By Lindy

Once upon a time in a big blue house lived a family of Parents, Children and a Nanny. The parents were sensible people who knew the rules for a happy, healthy life. The children loved their parents but spent much time with Nanny.

Nanny let the children know she had access to chocolate ice cream and a brand new cuddly puppy. Nanny had spent months telling her charges they would love the ice cream and adore the puppy when it came, and she told them they could have it all without having to do any chores. WOW! The children were delighted; they looked forward to enjoying the puppy and ice cream. Mother and Father made it known they wanted the children to do their normal chores and not eat too many sweets. They even talked about replacing Nanny with someone who shared their principles and values.

The day came when the concerned parents interviewed a new nanny. They liked her because she adhered to time tested, sensible child care methods with a focus on health, safety and sense of responsibility.

One day the parents called the children to the parlor to make an important decision. The children, knowing that Nanny's chocolate ice cream, of which they’d had a taste, was in the freezer and the puppy on the porch joined their parents. The parents informed them they were to be given a say as to who would be their nanny from then on. They told the children about the new nanny prospect and her views. The children frowned. The parents then asked the children which nanny they wanted. Did they want the one who would provide them with safe, healthy and sensible care or the Nanny in the kitchen who at that moment was clinking bowls and spoons to the tune of How Much Is That Doggy in the Window?

What do you suppose happened next?

You are right! The children cried, argued, pouted, and screamed until the harried parents relented and decided to keep Nanny. The children then cheered and shouted and ran to the kitchen, drooling for chocolate ice cream. And all ended well.

Well, things didn't end well for all. Nanny moved to another blue house and the children grew to be fat and lazy. But it wasn't a bad thing for the puppy. The puppy ended up happiest. He had grown to be a wolf.


The Next Battle

A little humor as we head into the weekend.

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


Do We Have It?

In this article by NRO's Tony Blankley the health care bill is compared to a time of historical note. My first favorite part of this article is when he says " middle-class America — if it still has its historic character — will not tolerate the yoke of socialism being put upon their necks." (Emphasis mine)

My question is do we have it? We like to use terms and images that recall the spirit of our ancestors. But does the majority of the country really have it?

You decide.

My second favorite part: "Let us devoutly pray — and commit to ourselves — that this time freedom shall be reacquired . . . peaceably."



Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Gratitude Campaign

Have you ever seen someone from the military walking past you and wanted to convey to them your thanks, but weren't sure how, or it felt awkward? 
Recently, a gentleman from Seattle created a gesture which could be used, and has started a movement to get the word out.
Take just a moment to watch The Gratitude Campaign.

This sign, originating in 18th century France which, fully translated, means "thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Seattle Mom: School Sent My Daughter for Secret Abortion without Telling Me

Sounds like something from a supermarket rag doesn't it?

Nope. Prepare yourselves. I have not read the most recent version of the bill that passed. But originally it planned for "clinics" in schools. Since our president is joined at the hip with Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider, not to mention being the most pro-abortion legislator once in the Senate and now in the WH,the future looks even bleaker for our youth. Read the article here .


Now Who’s the Party of “NO” ?

While you slept last night, did you know the Senate was in session till almost 3 AM?

After 10 hours, the Senate voted on 28 GOP amendments and rejected each and every one, including a Vitter amendment to spare mobile mammography units from punitive tax treatment.

Um, who’s the party of no now?

Among the more noteworthy votes taken so far:

Sen. Coburn’s attempt to bar Viagra for sex offenders was tabled by 57-42. Democrat Sens. Bayh and Nelson voted with the Republicans.

Sen. Vitter’s motion to repeal the Demcare takeover was tabled by 58-39.

Yes, the Vampire Congress is back in business again — shirking the glare of daylight as it tables Republican motion after motion. A final vote on the wreckonciliation bill is expected at around 3:00-6:00am Eastern Thursday morning.

Go here for the roll call votes.

Hattip: Michelle Malkin

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Godspeed Cpl. Porto

For those who read the military blogs, you may have seen this.  For those who don’t you are missing an important point of view and a touch of reality that helps keep me grounded.  From Blackfive today:

We wish to express our greatest condolences to Mrs. Porto, military wife who blogs at "A Little Pink in a World of Camo."

I Will Always be a Marine Wife
I just need to share some sad news with all of my blog friends.
Sad isn't even the word to describe it, but honestly at this point I can't find the words to describe it. Angry, empty, crushed, confused, shocked, alone, unglued, hateful, depressed, beaten down... none of these words can do justice to my feelings.
I am being forced to do something that no 23 year old woman should ever have to do. I am being forced to do something that no one should ever have to do, not at this early in life, especially. I am being forced to lay the love of my life, my saving grace, my entire world to rest.
Sometimes hashing it out in words helps, so I'm trying to blog about it. To wrap my mind around why God would do this to me, to him, to us. I can't fathom how any of this has happened, it all still feels so surreal, there's no way this is real I am having a nightmare. Unfortunately this is a nightmare I am unable to wake up from.
On Sunday 14 March, Cpl Jonathan Daniel Porto, my one and only soul mate, died while on operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan when the vehicle he was in flipped over.

Godspeed Cpl. Porto

Health Care Tidbits: of Pens, Swear Words, and Airports in Michigan


excerpt: The fallout after the passing of the Senate health care bill Sunday evening made for various interesting tidbits of information that don't merit in-depth coverage, but are worth mentioning. Here is a list of some of them:

These are from LifeSite News


How companies became ‘persons’

Maybe the tea party movement can find common ground with President Obama's agenda

Clarence Page
Riddle me this: When is a corporation like a freed slave?
Answer: When it is trying to win human rights in a case before the Supreme Court.
It may sound odd, but that’s the historical background that led up to the Supreme Court’s recent decision to open the floodgates on political spending by corporations, unions and other narrow interests.
Sharing the conservative court’s problematic view that political money equals political speech, defenders of the 5-to-4 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission say it’s about time the Supreme Court granted corporations the same free-speech rights as individuals.
They say this as if corporations did not have ample opportunities to express themselves already, whether in words or dollars through numerous political action committees and other media.
The court’s decision still allows laws that require financial disclosure and other regulations as long as they don’t treat corporations or unions differently from individuals. President Obama said his administration would "get to work immediately with Congress" to develop "a forceful response" to the high court’s ruling. Several Democratic members of Congress announced new proposals to restrain the ability of corporations and other groups to sway elections with deep-pocket spending.
But even if those attempts at reform are passed, legal experts say, they still won’t get far unless they deal with a fundamental legal question: Who says corporations are entitled to the same rights as individuals?
That’s where the slaves come in. The Constitution did not mention corporations, just as it did not mention slaves, except to mention euphemistically that all "others" would be counted as "three-fifths of a person" for purposes of reapportionment. The Framers understood the art of compromise.
The Framers left it to the states to create corporations through charters and rules that varied by state. Anyone who put a corporation out of business could be accused of many things, but murder was not one of them.
Yet corporations won constitutional rights through other means, including the amendments passed after the Civil War to give legal equality to another aggrieved group: former slaves.
The 1886 case of Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company is often cited as the beginning of "corporate personhood" under the law. Yet this personhood comes ambiguously, not in the body of the decision but in something that Chief Justice Morrison R. Waite was quoted in the decision’s legal summary as having said before oral arguments began.
"The court does not wish to hear argument on the question" of whether the equal-protection provision in the Fourteenth Amendment "applies to these corporations," he said. "We are all of the opinion that it does."
As a result, the court appears to have ruled on the equal-protection issue without ever weighing it through any argument, deliberation or formal opinions. Thin as this legal reed may be, generations of lawyers have clung to it in arguing for an expanding galaxy of corporate rights.
That’s how an amendment intended to thwart slaveholders is used to benefit stockholders.
But is that what most Americans have in mind when they think of equal rights in this country? Most folks probably don’t, until they find themselves going up against a corporation in a dispute over a factory farm or toxic landfill. That’s what Thomas Linzey, an attorney and founder of the Pennsylvania-based Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, has found as he has helped local governments across the country take on the principle of corporate personhood.
Not only do corporations claim "personhood," he told me in a telephone interview, but after winning a case on grounds of the interstate commerce clause, they sometimes have sued for damages, claiming their Fourteenth Amendment rights to equal protection were violated.
With experiences like that, Linzey doesn’t hold out much hope for the currently proposed campaign finance reforms unless they go at the central question of corporate personhood – and that may require "some sort of grassroots uprising," he said, to amend the constitution, since both political parties are finding more and more ways to feed on corporate contributions.
Which raises another interesting political thought: If the populist tea party movement is truly worthy of its touted "populist" crusade against Wall Street and other powerful interests, they could find common ground with President Obama’s call to curb runaway political spending – unless they think corporations are people, too.

Clarence Page is a syndicated columnist. E-mail him at
source -

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Did Obama Buy Stupak’s Vote with Airport Grants?

Was this Yet Another Backroom Deal to Force Obama’s Bill Down the American People’s Throats?

Three airports in the district of infamous fence-sitting and ultimately kowtowing Democrat Bart Stupak were awarded $726,409 in grants by the Obama Administration just two days before a vote on Obama and Pelosi’s government takeover of healthcare.

Did Stupak compromise his supposed principled stand against taxpayer funding of abortion in exchange for taxpayer dollars for pet projects?

Alpena County Regional Airport received a $85,500 grant, but had only 7,519 passenger boardings in 2008 (the most recent year for which there is information) according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) data. Alpena County Regional Airport serves fewer passengers than even the late Rep. John Murtha’s famous “Airport for Nobody.”

Delta County Airport has even less customers than that, but still received a $179,209 grant.

Chippewa County International Airport received a $461,700 grant,  but had only 13,733  passenger boardings in 2008.

Will Stupak come clean about this apparent backroom deal for his vote?


Lake County GOP Endorsements

Last night the Lake County Republican Central Committee meet to consider endorsements for the May 4th primary.

All unopposed candidates were endorsed, of course, with the notable exception of Paul Pfeifer for the Ohio Supreme Court.  No endorsement was given to Justice Pfeifer in his re-election bid.

In the contested races that were considered, Seth Morgan, CPA was endorsed for the State Auditor’s race.  Judge Eugene Lucci was tapped for the Ohio Court of Appeals, 11th District.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cannot Depend On Supreme Court

article surprised me a bit, especially coming from The American Thinker.

Unless our conservatively minded justices are much less capable than I know they are, they will not be seeking vengeance against the Obama administration because of a previous albeit extreme insult. They will judge the case as it is presented on its merits based on constitutional law and precedence.

I expect nothing less. As much as the emotion of the moment and the gravity of the situation colors feelings, including mine, I want to see this bill overturned because it is unconstitutional, not because our fine justices lower themselves to judgment by personal enmity.

Sadly I cannot expect this of the liberal minded justices. They believe in molding the constitution to whatever they are feeling at the moment.

Since SCJs who are of a solid and dependable conservative or constitutional ethos are not in the majority, taking the no-health-care bill to the top court is no slam dunk. Pinning your hopes on this measure may be as safe as pinning them on Bart Stupack.

Ultimately the Supreme Court will hear an Obamacare case. Its decision will be binding. Having control not over how the case is built nor who argues it, I am left to prayer and hope. I wonder if the author of this American Thinker article realizes Obama may have the opportunity to appoint another justice before this case gets there. If he does, it may not disturb the balance of the court since the probably soon to retire one is liberal. But it also gives no reason for confidence.

Stupak Stripped of "Defender of Life" Award

Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said the group was revoking its "Defender of Life" award to Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., which was to be awarded at its Wednesday night gala.

"We were planning to honor Congressman Stupak for his efforts to keep abortion-funding out of health care reform. We will no longer be doing so," Dannenfelser said. "Let me be clear: any representative, including Rep. Stupak, who votes for this health care bill can no longer call themselves 'pro-life.'"

Source:  FOX News and Susan B. Anthony List

I’m Mad as Hell




Stick it to Stupack

Bart Stupack sold his soul for Obamacare.  As the leader of the pro-life Democrats in Congress, he held the fate of healthcare reform (and I used that word in the loosest possible sense) in his hands. Unfortunately, but probably unsurprisingly, he has chosen poorly, and he has sold America out to this horrid bill.

We must make him pay, and fortunately, there is a way to do so.

Meet Dan Benishek . He Bart Stupak’s Republican challenger in Michigan’s first district. For those of you with a Twitter, you can follow him @Benishek .

He is accepting contributions via PayPal

Bart Stupak had an option, and he sold us out. Let’s show him the consequences of his choice.

Hattip:  Redstate

Sunday, March 21, 2010

FOX News Live Feed

Use this link to tap into the FOX News live feed.  You can switch between different feeds and also listen in on off camera remarks.

Today’s Timeline

Schedule of Today's Votes   [Daniel Foster]

If all goes according to the Democrats' plan, here is a timeline for today's votes:

2 p.m.: The House will debate for one hour the rules of debate for the reconciliation bill and the Senate bill.

3 p.m.: The House will vote to end debate and vote on the rules of the debate.

3:15 p.m.: The House will debate the reconciliation package for two hours.

5:15 p.m.: The House will vote on the reconciliation package.

5:30 p.m.: The House will debate for 15 minutes on a Republican substitute and then vote on the substitute.

6 p.m.: The House will vote on the final reconciliation package.

6:15 p.m.: If the reconciliation bill passes, the House will immediately vote on the Senate bill, without debate.

UPDATE: A senior Republican House staffer e-mails: "I saw your timeline per the Dems. The timing is probably optimistic. I'd say the vote will be much later than 6:15. Definitely after 7."

Alleged Incidents Magnified

It was only a matter of time. Allegedly, "a group" of protesters yelled racial and homosexual slurs at some Democratic congressmen and allegedly one committed the disgusting act of spitting. It is now mentioned, if not headlined in many if not most articles on the healthcare bill.

The story, whether true or not, is a gem to the propaganda of the left. The story will probably have a short shelf life. But it will not be analyzed based on the truth of the story but rather on the grounds of racist, homophobic behavior.

I don't know what happened but I surmise one of the following scenarios.

1. A small group of people did just what is being reported. This is unacceptable and not approved by any mainstream patriot group. Rather it is the action of a small unidentified and unaffiliated group whose only intent was to act with malice.

2. Among the tens of thousands of protesters, one or two people yelled racial or homosexual words while black and/or one openly active homosexual Democrat congressmen walked nearby. If true it is sad and unwarranted. but the actions of one or two have no bearing on the issue or the 99.9999999 percent of the protesters. These couple of people may have been standing with a large group of protesters. That doesn't mean that the "group", as is being reported had anything to do with it or even knew it was going to happen.

3. None of the accusations really happened. Since they cannot be proven to be false however, they are "safe lies" and they will flame a smoldering resentment that many media outlets will gladly blow out of proportion.

All three of the possibilities are negative and have nothing to do with the legislation at hand. I can believe any of them. But one paragraph from a Fox News online article was of interest.

"Kristie Greco, spokeswoman for Democratic Whip Jim Clyburn, said a protester spit on Rep. Emanuel Cleaver who is black and said police escorted the lawmakers into the Capitol. Cleaver's office said he would decline to press charges, but Sgt. Kimberly Schneider of the U.S. Capitol Police said in an e-mail later: "We did not make any arrests today."

This particular allegation, the arrest, was proven false. Don't expect to see that in headlines though.

Of greater importance is the warning to all of us who are clamoring for truth and justice. As is the case with some groups now, we must continually remind all who join us to avoid any actions that can negatively affect our progress by becoming fodder for leftist propaganda.

Later in the day.

I was wrong. The lie was not safe. Silly me, and in this age of technology too.


Note the black gentleman who walks past at the very end of the top video. He is apparently part of the Caucus and is carrying a Blackberry or the like. Maybe he was just reading his text and not recording. But if the allegations had been true, wouldn't it have been all over the media by now?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

DC: "Kill the Bill" Rally Draws Tens of Thousands!

From Tea Party Express

Here's just a few pictures from the massive gathering. Realize that this rally was literally put together in 2-days time by a coalition of dozens upon dozens of local and national tea party organizations.





And from Americans for Prosperity

Codered 4

codered 5

codered 6


Rules? This. Is. Congress!


Yes, Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings (Fla.) just said this in the most powerful committee of the United States House of Representatives. The people's house:

"There ain't no rules here, we're trying to accomplish something. . . .All this talk about rules. . . .When the deal goes down . . . we make 'em up as we go along."

Note:  In 1981, Hastings was charged with accepting a $150,000 bribe in exchange for a lenient sentence and a return of seized assets for 21 counts of racketeering by Frank and Thomas Romano, and of perjury in his testimony about the case.

In 1988, the Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives took up the case, and Hastings was impeached for bribery and perjury by a vote of 413-3. He was then convicted in 1989 by the United States Senate, becoming the sixth federal judge in the history of the United States to be removed from office by the Senate

UPDATE:  Here's the video.

Live Coverage of the Washington, DC Rally

Watch the events in Washington, DC LIVE on your computer.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir - SWEET HOME ALABAMA

It’s been a very busy week and there is still much work to do.  Many people are on butt numbing drives to Washington, DC in planes, trains, busses and automobiles.  The results of the Obama Health Care vote are still up in the air.

But, as the proverb goes: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.  (Hopefully you read that with Jack Nicholson in mind.)

Therefore a little humor might help.  I bring you the Leningrad Cowboys and the Red Army Choir.

Yes!  Really!  The Red Army Choir.  And singing Sweet Home Alabama.  (I guess there’s not much to do after Reagan won the cold war.)




And yes, those are real Red Army soldiers! (The guys in uniform, that is.) 

Boccieri to Vote YES!


WASHINGTON -- Ohio Democrats John Boccieri of Alliance and Charlie Wilson of St. Clairsville came off the fence on health care today and announced they'll support the $940 billion package the House of Representatives will consider on Sunday.

Boccieri announced his decision at a Capitol Hill press conference surrounded by constituents.
The Plain Dealer

Calls won't do any good now.  The only thing left to do is donate to his opponent: Jim Renacci

Add .12 cents to you donation so he knows it came from a 9-12 member!

Then, call Boccieri and tell him about your donation!

Rep. John Boccieri
        D.C. Phone: (202) 225-3876
        Canton: (330) 489-4414

Best Place From Which to Pray

I think it was Pearl Bailey who said, "When the world knocks you to your knees, and it will, you get up. When it knocks you to your knees again, get up again. When it knocks you to your knees a third time...well isn't that a wonderful place from which to pray."

Some of us are going to D.C. Some are calling, faxing or emailing. Some go to local offices. Some call radio shows and some lead groups. Something we can all do is pray.

Pray on the bus, in D.C., between calls, at offices, in church and on your knees.

Here is a prayer to add to your arsenal. It is courtesy of Paul and will be one of the choices among our Invocations at our general meetings.

For Our Country and Its Leaders

Lord God, bless my country and all those who lead its people. The temptations of those who hold office are great and the Enemy uses the glory of the world to choke Your Word from their minds. Look upon this great country with mercy and compassion. Grant that only those who are capable of authority posses power. Give the people of this land the light and grace to seek first the Kingdom of God and put their trust in You rather than the things of this world. Take away from us all greed and worldly ambitions and make us a people full of love, mercy, and compassion. Let this nation always live under Your law and guidance and under the principles Your Son gave to us. In You, Lord God, we put our trust.

(modified from The Prayers & Personal Devotions of Mother Angelica by Raymond Arroyo)