Friday, March 19, 2010

Best Place From Which to Pray

I think it was Pearl Bailey who said, "When the world knocks you to your knees, and it will, you get up. When it knocks you to your knees again, get up again. When it knocks you to your knees a third time...well isn't that a wonderful place from which to pray."

Some of us are going to D.C. Some are calling, faxing or emailing. Some go to local offices. Some call radio shows and some lead groups. Something we can all do is pray.

Pray on the bus, in D.C., between calls, at offices, in church and on your knees.

Here is a prayer to add to your arsenal. It is courtesy of Paul and will be one of the choices among our Invocations at our general meetings.

For Our Country and Its Leaders

Lord God, bless my country and all those who lead its people. The temptations of those who hold office are great and the Enemy uses the glory of the world to choke Your Word from their minds. Look upon this great country with mercy and compassion. Grant that only those who are capable of authority posses power. Give the people of this land the light and grace to seek first the Kingdom of God and put their trust in You rather than the things of this world. Take away from us all greed and worldly ambitions and make us a people full of love, mercy, and compassion. Let this nation always live under Your law and guidance and under the principles Your Son gave to us. In You, Lord God, we put our trust.

(modified from The Prayers & Personal Devotions of Mother Angelica by Raymond Arroyo)

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