Monday, March 15, 2010

Hot Air - The Movie

We think it's bad living in Ohio with Sherrod Brown as our senator, aren't you glad you don't live in California and have Barbara Boxer for your senator?  On the other hand you might miss some pretty good campaign videos.

Carly Fiorina is running for the senate seat of Barbara Boxer, and while I have no idea whether she is the best choice, her web videos are fantastic!

Jim Geraghty puts it this way:

The ad seems to emphasize Fiorina as a "fireball," and to contrast Fiorina the "problem solver" with Boxer the "problem creator."  As I watched the full eight minutes, I really did get the sense that Boxer's head would meet an end fit for an action movie. (What, LucasFilm wouldn't lease out the image copyright for some X-Wings?)

There's a certain mad genius to a campaign willing to make its case like this. I've heard a million-and-one campaign consultants talk about "breaking through the noise" and "going viral with our message" and "reaching out to voters in a new way that catches and holds their attention in a crowded media environment," only to see that the grand innovation is an ad with the candidate in a cerulean blue button-down collared shirt instead of a cornflower blue button-down collared shirt. But you can just picture the all-nighter campaign meeting behind this one: The liquor cabinet's been opened, and the Fiorina staff starts throwing out their most outrageous, wildly entertaining concepts, and everyone's too tired to say no.

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