Friday, October 29, 2010

Voter Fraud Watch: A Primer on What to Watch For

From our friends at Pajamas Media, by J. Christian Adams

There’s been lots of talk about voter fraud this election season. Already machines have purportedly preselected candidates and in other places, documents demonstrate non-citizens are registered to vote. Anyone who says voter fraud doesn’t exist has no credibility. I’ve covered elections for over 10 years. I’ve seen it over and over again with my own eyes. I’ve proved it in federal court. It is significantly more common than Sasquatch.

But what does voter fraud look like? What can citizens be on the lookout for when they participate in their election? Let me share some examples:

Commands to vote

I’ve seen election judges telling voters for whom to vote. In Philadelphia, I have repeatedly seen the people who sign you in and check off your name give instructions to voters for whom to vote. It isn’t supposed to work that way, and if you see it, get the name of the election official and report it to their boss. Better yet, try to get the name of the voter.

Mass illegal assistance

One of the most outrageous behaviors is campaigns of illegal assistance. I’ve seen lone soldiers of a political machine march dozens of voters into the booth and vote for them. In some instances the voter provided little or no input. Remember that disabled citizens have a right under federal law to have anyone assist them, as long as it is not an employer or union representative. Illiteracy and inability to speak English well also trigger this right. So just because someone is in the booth with a voter doesn’t mean something illegal is happening. But if you see van loads of voters being “voted” without expressing their own input, get the tag number of the van and remember what illegal assistant looked like.

Phony voters

I’ve watched people in states without voter ID seek to vote who were clearly not the people they said they were. During one election, I saw a young man give a name. It caused the women working the polls who knew him to laugh at him and tell him to stop fooling them. He insisted, even under watchful eyes, that he was this person everyone knew him not to be. Everyone was laughing, but the poll workers relented and reluctantly gave him a ballot, somewhat perturbed that he pushed the issue. For a brief moment, he was someone else. And since voter ID was not the law in this state, he voted a regular ballot.

Read the rest of the article here.

Also be sure to  Join PJM/PJTV's Voter Fraud Watch

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Streets Are Paved With Gold

Immigrants coming to this country around the beginning of the last century came because they heard the streets were paved with gold! Obviously the streets were not physically made of gold. It was the opportunities that were golden. They came here because they heard everyone had the opportunity to become wealthy if you were honest and worked hard. Many did become wealthy and most made a better life for their children. My grandparents came through Ellis Island. They didn't come here for the benefits, they came here because they wanted a job and FREEDOM! My grandparents were Polish who escaped from Russia to take advantage of the freedom and opportunities in this country.

What's my point?

Progressive candidates have been promoting class warfare for years. They say some people make too much money. They want to tax successful people. They want to limit or eliminate success and many people agree with them.

Step back and think about it. Do you want to take those opportunities away from your sons and daughters, brothers or sisters? What if your son or daughter wanted to start a busines? What if they became successful and made more than $250,000 a year? Would you penalize them? I don't think so.

America is free, but freedom is expensive. Sometimes you will even have to sacrifice your life, your fortune and your sacred honor. Please don't limit our opportunities!

The other side of the White House white board

This is a great video, so be sure to take the time to watch it.  You will learn a lot!

Here's another view on CEA Chairman Austan Goolsbee's recent White House white board presentation on the U.S. employment situation.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Extremists Extremely Shocked At Public's Extreme Disdain For Extremism

From Jim Geraghty

Of the many great ads we've seen this year, perhaps one of the best is this one minute and twenty second one from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, taking on one of the Democrats favorite sneers -- "extreme" -- and showcasing just how frequently the Democrats find themselves on the wrong side of public opinion, sometimes by a wide margin.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nick Popaditch

Sit back and enjoy all of his ads. See them here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Arkansas Teen Scores Touchdown in Wheelchair

From The Blaze

In a story of true sportsmanship, two competing high school football teams in Arkansas came together last Friday night to help one fellow student’s dream come true.

Manila High School trailed top-ranked Rivercrest High 47-0 when Rivercrest forfeited a perfect game to allow Manila senior Dylan Galloway to score, carrying the pig skin over the goal line in his wheelchair. Dylan was born with cerebral palsy and thanks to a pre-arranged moment between opposing coaches, he was able to realize his dream of playing varsity football.

While most of us focus on the scoreboard each game, I found that heartwarming stories like this are more common than we might think.

Earlier this fall, two teams came together in a similar fashion during a match-up in Wisconsin.  An agreement between the coaches of Menomonie and Superior High Schools gave Sam Kolden, a Menomonie senior who struggles with autism, the chance to shine during his team’s 52-14 victory. From the Superior Spartans Facebook page, one fan who sat in the stands that night wrote:

Both teams played hard though over time the score tipped in Menomonie’s favor. Our team has one player who, due to special needs, is only occasionally able to be on the field. On this particular night, after a conversation between head coaches, our special player took to the field in his wide receiver position. Teams lined up, ball was snapped, a gentle pass found its way into his hands, and with great care and energy Superior players lunged in pursuit knowing well the dream they granted was more important than the six points it placed on the Menomonie score board.

Read the rest plus another heart warming story here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"I Want Your Money" Official HD Movie Trailer

For more information about I Want Your Money please visit Movie will be in theaters 10-15-10.

Set against the backdrop of today's headline - 67% of Americans don't approve of Obama's economic policies, the film takes a provocative look at our deeply depressed economy using the words and actions of Presidents Reagan and Obama and shows the marked contrast between Reaganomics and Obamanomics. The film contrasts two views of the role that the federal government should play in our daily lives using the words and actions of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Two versions of the American dream now stand in sharp contrast. One views the money you earned as yours and best allocated by you; the other believes that the elite in Washington know how to best allocate your wealth. One champions the traditional American dream, which has played out millions of times through generations of Americans, of improving one's lot in life and even daring to dream and build big. The other holds that there is no end to the "good" the government can do by taking and spending other peoples' money in an ever-burgeoning list of programs. The documentary film I Want Your Money exposes the high cost in lost freedom and in lost opportunity to support a Leviathan-like bureaucratic state.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chris Coons the Taxman

Watch the great new Christine O'Donnell ad.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gov. Christie: It Is "Put Up Or Shut Up Time" For GOP

"We lost our way a number of years ago. We did. We became tax-and-spend light," Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said in Iowa last night.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Take a Seat

Check out this cool website – 40 Seats

We need to win 40 Seats to take back the House from Nancy Pelosi and her "tax and spend" crowd.  40 Seats targets districts where the critical races are occurring today.  Click on a highlighted district on the map to find how you can help "Take a Seat".


40 Seats

Friday, October 8, 2010

Burn your VFW cards; See VFW – PAC Endorsements!

From our good friends at BlackFive comes this unbelievable revelation;

Last night, we received an interesting email from Bev Perlson, who heads the Band of Mothers group.  She's got an awesome email list that is good for keeping up on what's going on around the country.

What was so disturbing was the email listed someone we all know- LTC(r) Allen West, and how the VFW, of all people, THE VEE-EFF-FRICKING-W, was ENDORSING HIS OPPONENT.

You read that right.

His opponent?  Democrat Ron Klein.  WHO HAS NEVER SERVED IN UNIFORM.

You read THAT right, too.

People, I've been pissed before.  Mad, even.  Upset.  But this?  THIS is treasonous to me.  For a 'so called' veterans organization to pick a NON-SERVING, NON-VETERAN over one of the MOST PROMISING veterans running in politics is heinous.  Disturbing.  And shows just how far off-track the VFW has become.

As you may recall, when I returned from Iraq one of the first things I did was join VFW and Legion as 'life members'.  Now, it seems, the time has come to rip, burn, and toss my Lifetime Membership for the VFW.  I feel like they have completely left us at the station here.  Over at the Farm Team, Jonn Lilyea lays out just who the VFW has announced they are supporting:

Barbara Boxer, Alcee Hastings, Barbara Lee, Steny Hoyer, Barbara Mikulsky, Chris VanHollen, John Dingell, Chuckie Schumer, Pat Leahy and Patty Murray

In addition, they support Perlmutter over Bailey (former USAF) Frazier (former Navy) for Colorado; to their credit, they do support Mike Coffman (Marine) in his race in CO.  But the rest of the list is disgusting.  To me, it reads they are 'supporting' or 'endorsing' only those they see as WINNING.  It appears they don't give a RATS ASS who supports vets or who WAS a vet.

I am asking all of you to join me in contacting the VFW to protest this development; supporting a non-vet over LTC West was the last straw.

Call the VFW at 1-202-544-5868.  Email them at:

Oh yeah, and before I forget- Remember when Obama wanted to charge wounded troops for medical care?  VFW supported him on that, too.  READ IT HERE.

VFW- we are done here.  Fix it, or be gone as a veterans organization.

UPDATE 1:  Keep hitting them- word is they are getting calls.  Write.  HIT THEM HARD.  Given the climate that's out there, and what they are doing to veterans behind our backs, this should not stand.  I suggest the following in any statements you send/make:

I, my membership, my money (the money I set aside to give to PACs) and every friend I can bring along are switching to the Legion.  And I will be doing my damnedest to convince every veteran I know to do likewise.

I hate this- I know there are locals that do great things.  But, if they are willing to sit by, and let their national organization do this over their objections, then they are complicit in it.  I'd like to see the locals boot the national guys out.  Really would.

UPDATE:  Getting questions and emails on whether we realize there is a difference between VFW and VFW-PAC.  Well, there is and there isn't.  Let me just say this- if the local VFW chapters, to include the states, are willing to let National allow their PAC to push this type of agenda and these types of candidates, well, bad on them for just standing by.  They should be rioting over it.  Holding their dues payments where they can.  Put pressure on National to adhere to what the LOCALS want, not what National may think 'is best'.  Because to do otherwise is utter bullshiite.

To us, this is not an issue of VFW-PAC vs. VFW.  They are the same- don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


In Ohio, the VFW-PAC is endorsing: Boccieri, John (D), Fudge, Marcia (D), Kaptur, Marcy (D), Space, Zack (D) and Sutton, Betty (D) just to name a few.  If you are a VFW member, please call your local unit and the national office today.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Vegetative State" Patients May Soon Be Able to Communicate

An absolutely incredible announcement and one of hope for many families.

Read here. (You may have to hit Control while clicking.)

Monday, October 4, 2010

And another wheel on the Obmacare bus falls off. — GP


Early in the summer I had checked out the website through which one can get insurance despite a pre-existing condition. I have since referred to it as the shiny and flashy object sparkling from the sunshine in the cool blue water, from the viewpoint of the fish. Too attractive not to grab. But once the truth is discovered, it’s too late. You’re hooked.

Apparently a lot of hope filled people are greatly disappointed. Insurance you can get isn’t much good if you can’t afford it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Even MSM Doesn‘t Buy ’One Nation’ Claim That 10/2 Rally Attendance Topped Restoring Honor Rally

From The Blaze


The Restoring Honor Rally on 8/28 is pictured on the left.  The “Left Leaning” One Nation socialist Rally held on 10/2 is pictured on the right.

I wonder which one drew a larger crowd?

Friday, October 1, 2010

John Ashbrook: Lycurgus of the Tea Party?



by: Jay Hartz

With the final round of major primaries now complete, candidates have been selected for this November’s general election. The impact Tea Party candidates will have on the general election and on policy following that election is a question worthy of thought and debate by conservatives. While the nuts-and-bolts questions of which party will control Congress and the possibility of implementing a "refudiate socialism" agenda are important, there is also an interesting discussion to be had concerning "what does this all mean?"

It is worth noting that today’s Tea Party movement has a historical if not a philosophical connection to John M. Ashbrook’s primary challenge to Richard Nixon in 1972. While it will be for someone else to argue Ashbrook was the proto-Tea Party candidate, the extent to which Ashbrook was vilified by the party apparatus for challenging the "establishment" candidate has seen several parallels during this year’s election cycle.

Which brings us to an interesting question: What thoughts and suggestions might Ashbrook offer to conservatives during an election in which the major issues track so closely those he championed during his political career. Luckily, we have a source to consult.

In 1986, just a few years after the untimely death of Ashbrook, Randy McNutt published a slim volume entitled No Left Turns: A Handbook for Conservatives Based on the Writings of John M. Ashbrook. McNutt, then a reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer, was able to secure a heartfelt foreword from Congressman Jack Kemp and assembled several of Ashbrook’s speeches, newsletters, newspaper editorials and letters to constituents. From these pages leaps the mind of Ashbrook. Not only his firm grasp of domestic issues, but a foreign policy based on his opposition to totalitarianism in the form of communism and an understanding that a strong America is freedom’s last best chance for success.

Read the rest here.