Thursday, September 30, 2010

Want Some Good News For a Change? Go Brits!

From the UK Telegraph

Every evening in Afghanistan, small, heavily armed units of SAS soldiers are taking part in "kill or capture" missions against the Taliban. The majority of the raids – which are guided by the latest intelligence reports provided to Nato headquarters in Kabul – are targeted directly at senior Taliban commanders, those responsible for planting the deadly roadside bombs that have accounted for so many British casualties.

The SAS raids are part of a special forces operation on an "industrial scale", devised by General David Petraeus, the US commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan, to destroy the Taliban's war-fighting capability. And the strategy is proving to be a resounding success.

Over a 90-day period this summer, 365 key Taliban commanders were either killed or captured in a total of 3,000 night raids carried out by British and American special forces units, operating predominantly in southern Afghanistan. Another 1,031 "rank and file" fighters were killed, and 1,355 taken into custody.

Not surprisingly, this unprecedented level of special forces activity is having a devastating impact on the Taliban's effectiveness and morale. British commanders have reported a significant drop in their casualty rates, while the number of roadside bombs has fallen by a quarter.

Equally important, the high attrition rate has led many potential Taliban recruits to have second thoughts about risking their lives for the cause. "When the average life expectancy of a commander is around six months, it certainly concentrates the minds of those who are thinking about joining the insurgency," says a senior British officer working with SAS units in Afghanistan. "Suddenly there is an awareness that there is a price to be paid for planting roadside bombs. Families are less keen to let their sons volunteer."

It would be tempting fate to say that we are finally winning the war against the Taliban, especially as the overall casualty rate for Nato forces this year is the highest since Western troops first deployed in late 2001. But these recent successes do suggest that the mission is heading in the right direction at last, with all the implications that might have for its future success.

If, by virtue of the special forces' relentless onslaught, the Taliban can be persuaded that they are fighting a war they can never win, then the more moderate elements within the leadership might be persuaded to opt for political reconciliation with the Afghan government, which is the fundamental objective of Gen Petraeus's counter-insurgency strategy.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Votes from Beyond the Grave

Everyone knows about it. everyone shrugs shoulders and says. “That’s the way it is.”

Who is going to address it?  Read here


Sunday, September 12, 2010


Election is coming soon. Are you comfortable with our selection of candidates? Are you worried that the two parties will still prevail? Will those that are elected really make changes or will this be more Hope and Change?
Have we been too easy on candidates at Town Hall meetings? I haven’t heard any “tough” questions at the few meetings I’ve been to. Here are a few questions I would have liked to hear…..

Federal Congressmen or Congresswomen Are you aware of House Rule XIII, (d)(1) that requires “a statement citing the specific powers granted to Congress in the Constitution to enact the law proposed by the bill or joint resolution.” If you are aware of this rule, why isn’t it followed? Why haven’t the you challenged any proposed law based on this rule?
Will you actively support the 9th and 10th amendments?
Will you sponsor or vote for any bill that repeals Obamacare? Will you vote to defund Obamacare?

State Senators and RepresentativesWill you actively support the two amendments now circulating in the State (State Sovereignty and Health Care Freedom Amendment)?
The property tax method of funding schools has been ruled unconstitutional for many years, but that rule has been completely avoided. What is your SPECIFIC solution for school funding? Please, NO GENERALITIES!

If your candidates won’t answer these questions OR they give you a political answer (which is no answer), do you trust them? If they won’t commit to Constitutional solutions, will you vote for them?

REMEMBER, the fight is not over on November 2nd! The career politicians are banking on the fact that you will be tired of fighting. You will have to be a career citizen, 912er, Tea Party advocate and student of the Constitution. This will be our second career till the day we leave this earth. We can’t leave our country in this condition for our children and grandchildren. Freedom is not free!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9-11 ~ Nine Years Later

We say we will “never forget” but have we?

Notes about this video:

Warning this video contains people falling or jumping from the world trade center. A lot of questions been coming in about the man on the phone. Yes he was in tower 2 on the 105 floor top right corner of the video when it falls.  Also the Music in this video is Requiem For A Dream by Lux Aterna

Let us truly NEVER FORGET.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Chris Christie Schools Another Snide Union Defending Teacher

From EyeBlastTV Blog:

I’ve never been this jealous of New Jersey before in my life. In fact, as a native Pennsylvanian, for a long time I was one of the many who favored blowing up the whole of Jersey so we could finally get some beaches in PA. I mean Jersey has always been a haven for liberal idiocy but now Christie is in office and the man is a on fire.

At this point its only going to take a few more rhetorical smack downs of snooty little union drones before I pack up my car and move to New Jersey. Go ahead and check out his latest masterpiece from a town hall in Raritan, New Jersey yesterday:

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Progressives are teaching our kids that Free Enterprise is evil while in China, they are extolling the virtues of Free Enterprise. Here is a slightly modified OPED I read from James R. Cook.

Most government employees and those who enforce regulations, are fiercely anti-business. They have little or no knowledge of how the market system works. They see business as greed driven, and profits as an evil that government should control. These people don't understand that profits come from meeting the needs of others by providing products and services that improve living standards. They don't realize that consumers are the rulers of the free market because their buying choices determine the success or failure of the companies competing to serve them.

They are unaware that to serve one's self-interest, the entrepreneur must first serve the self-interest of others. This is the moral underpinning of free enterprise. But rather than notice the unassailable high moral ground of free market capitalism, they prefer to see greed and inequality.

One of the reasons many immigrants came to the U.S. from Europe was to avail themselves of the opportunity to better their standard of living and to make as much money as their talent would allow them!

Misogynist and violent Islam, gaining hold, requires passionate opposition


Why isn't the poison gassing of Afghan girls simply for attending school generating international outrage? Blood tests have verified that a main ingredient of chemical weapons was the cause of the severe sicknesses suffered by hundreds of girls in two schools in Kabul this last week--just the latest in a series of nine poisonings spanning the last two years.  Many of the girls rushing to escape the scene fainted; some collapsed hours later.  Scores were hospitalized, requiring oxygen and intravenous drugs.

And yet, the still-ailing girls resolutely resume their educations. "One 12th grader, 18-year-old Khalida Bashir Ahmed, said she was determined to return to school even though she still felt dizzy; she still had a medical tube dangling from her right wrist," reports the New York Times. "As she recounted her ordeal, she fainted and fell to the ground."

The attacks were more than a week ago, but only now, with blood tests revealing the nerve gas ingredient organophosphates, earn any attention:  "Many local officials had dismissed the cases as episodes of mass hysteria provoked by acid and arson attacks on school girls by Taliban fighters and others who objected to their education," the article notes.  Those pesky Taliban.

Where are the feminists?  Where are those vocal for "women's rights" to abortions, who now seem painfully quiet about girls' rights to learn to read without biological attack?  It's not enough that the custom of female genital mutilation continues, affecting 140 million women worldwide, most in Africa, though The London Observer reported a few weeks ago that in England this very summer, 500-2,000 girls have undergone the horrifying procedure designed to preclude any sexual pleasure.

Muslim women are regularly beaten by husbands, with little international protest--and complicit support by local authorities.  "Wife beating in Islamic countries is more prevalent than one can imagine," writes Brigitte Gabriel in They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It.  Stories of "honor killings" abound internationally, and Muzzammil Hassan, the Muslim head of the "Bridges" TV outlet, formed to reconcile Muslim and American feeling, beheaded his wife last year in Orchard Park--a murder widely attributed to his religious bent.

And it seems things are getting worse.  "In a world where education for females was generally accepted only a generation or two ago, women are again being infantilized, writes journalist Jan Goodwin in The Price of Honor: Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World.  "In the name of religion, they are being banned from traveling, working, studying, divorcing, voting, holding positions of power, in effect, from making their own decisions about major and minor aspects of their lives."

Full article here.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Conservative Entertainment Network Launches

From: The Blaze

Emmy-winning Actor and conservative Kelsey Grammer is lending his distinctly familiar voice in promoting RightNetwork, a new online and cable on-demand programming channel offering alternative programming with a decidedly right-of-center spin.  ”We’re not out to vilify or accuse or identify anybody as an enemy,” Grammer has said. “We’re out there to encourage people to open their minds and take a look at some things that we as a group of people believe is the right direction for the country.”

With a growing base of outspoken conservatives drawn out of political slumber by the rising tea party movement and an entertainment industry continually pushing the bar away from family-friendly wholesome entertainment, Grammer and fellow investors–including Ed Snider, chairman of Comcast-Spectacor and owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers–saw a growing demand for a RightNetwork.  Programming is available at and to Verizon FiOS customers.  Wireless company Nokia also offers on-the-go access.

“We’re middle-of-the road people who have a fairly conservative approach to government, that’s all. Less government,” Grammer says. “It’s not some insidious group of people who are plotting some horrible takeover.”

The on-demand programming caters to new trends in at-home television viewing, where families select programs from their DVR lists or from cable companies’ on-demand offerings.  Best of all, RightNetwork’s programming casts a wide net of interests for potential viewers:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The President’s Stem-Cell Dollars and the Judge’s Rebuke

“… But it is the president who fails to be open to the inconvenient truth about the human embryo, namely, that from the single-cell stage of development onward, the human embryo is a distinct, determinate, self-directing, integrated human organism — a living member of the human species who, if given a suitable environment, will move along the seamless trajectory of biological development toward maturity. At the so-called “blastocyst stage,” when the embryo might be destroyed to derive embryonic stem cells, he or she is already a living individuated organism. The very same organism — the very same human being — who, unless deprived of the conditions of survival, will soon be crawling, then walking, and then a few years later asking mom and dad for the car keys. …”

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let the death panels commence

Peter Heck - Guest Columnist

On Friday, August 7, 2009, Sarah Palin wrote on her Facebook page: "The Democrats promise that a government healthcare system will reduce the cost of healthcare, but [it] will will simply refuse to pay the cost.  The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide...whether they are worthy of healthcare.  Such a system is downright evil."

The response of Democrats and the media to Palin's assertion can only be described as outrage.  Howard Dean went on ABC and called it "totally erroneous," concluding, "She just made that up."  Even David Brooks, the closest thing to a conservative the New York Times can bring themselves to hire, proclaimed on Meet the Press, "That's crazy...the crazies are attacking the plan because it'll cut off granny, and that – that's simply not true.  That simply is not going to happen."

And even last week, Newsweek magazine ranked the idea that there would be bureaucratic boards making life-and-death decisions for people as one of the "Dumb Things Americans Believe."

The only problem for Dean, Brooks, Newsweek and the whole lot is that it now appears that under ObamaCare there are bureaucratic boards making life-and-death decisions for people.

Read the rest here.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Our distracted commander in chief

By Charles Krauthammer

Friday, September 3, 2010

Many have charged that President Obama's decision to begin withdrawing from Afghanistan 10 months from now is hampering our war effort. But now it's official. In a stunning statement last week, Marine Corps Commandant James Conway admitted that the July 2011 date is "probably giving our enemy sustenance."

A remarkably bold charge for an active military officer. It stops just short of suggesting aiding and abetting the enemy. Yet the observation is obvious: It is surely harder to prevail in a war that hinges on the allegiance of the locals when they hear the U.S. president talk of beginning a withdrawal that will ultimately leave them to the mercies of the Taliban.

The whole story here.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally Video

This is a great video featuring scenes from Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally. 

We took 2 buses with 112 people to the Rally and this video closely mirrors the exact path we took.