Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let the death panels commence

Peter Heck - Guest Columnist

On Friday, August 7, 2009, Sarah Palin wrote on her Facebook page: "The Democrats promise that a government healthcare system will reduce the cost of healthcare, but [it] will will simply refuse to pay the cost.  The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide...whether they are worthy of healthcare.  Such a system is downright evil."

The response of Democrats and the media to Palin's assertion can only be described as outrage.  Howard Dean went on ABC and called it "totally erroneous," concluding, "She just made that up."  Even David Brooks, the closest thing to a conservative the New York Times can bring themselves to hire, proclaimed on Meet the Press, "That's crazy...the crazies are attacking the plan because it'll cut off granny, and that – that's simply not true.  That simply is not going to happen."

And even last week, Newsweek magazine ranked the idea that there would be bureaucratic boards making life-and-death decisions for people as one of the "Dumb Things Americans Believe."

The only problem for Dean, Brooks, Newsweek and the whole lot is that it now appears that under ObamaCare there are bureaucratic boards making life-and-death decisions for people.

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