Thursday, September 9, 2010


Progressives are teaching our kids that Free Enterprise is evil while in China, they are extolling the virtues of Free Enterprise. Here is a slightly modified OPED I read from James R. Cook.

Most government employees and those who enforce regulations, are fiercely anti-business. They have little or no knowledge of how the market system works. They see business as greed driven, and profits as an evil that government should control. These people don't understand that profits come from meeting the needs of others by providing products and services that improve living standards. They don't realize that consumers are the rulers of the free market because their buying choices determine the success or failure of the companies competing to serve them.

They are unaware that to serve one's self-interest, the entrepreneur must first serve the self-interest of others. This is the moral underpinning of free enterprise. But rather than notice the unassailable high moral ground of free market capitalism, they prefer to see greed and inequality.

One of the reasons many immigrants came to the U.S. from Europe was to avail themselves of the opportunity to better their standard of living and to make as much money as their talent would allow them!

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