Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Third graders' song for military an online sensation

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA - A song giving tribute to those in the military is turning third-graders at Tussing Elementary School in Colonial Heights into a hit all over the Internet.

The entire third-grade class performed an original song, "Thank You Soldiers," for Veteran's Day. After posting the video to YouTube and various video-hosting Web sites, it has now received over 63,000 views and e-mails from all over the country and the world.

Michael Souders, Tussing's music director, co-wrote the song with his wife Angela.

"The purpose was to have the kids sing a song not about the soldiers, or for the soldiers," Souders said, "But to the soldiers."

The school's music department puts on an annual performance, usually with a patriotic theme, for Veteran's Day. For last year's show, Souders wanted the students to send a personal message to the soldiers and their families. The music director loves patriotic songs, but he wanted the soldiers to receive a personal "Thank You," for serving our country.

Souders said he has a deep appreciation for those who serve and have served. He wanted soldiers and veterans to be able to watch the video from wherever they are, even if they are currently serving overseas.
"I don't have money, but the one thing I can do is write a song," Souders said. "I would like to desperately thank as many soldiers and veterans as I can."

The video is a three-minute montage of photographs of soldiers who have served and are serving today while the children sing.

The students are mesmerized by the amount of feedback they have received from people who have watched the video. Souders is also surprised by how many people the video has reached already. He keeps a chart at the school for the students to record the number of daily responses as it continues to grow.

Story by Stephanie Cox, The Progress-Index


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