Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seeing Red Rally

From our good friends at  As A Mom...

Join us on Thursday, March 11, 2010 at Noon local time, as we visit our local Congressmen's Home Offices to let them know that we are "Seeing Red" over this health care reform bill and the un-American tactics being used to forward it.

Red for our Health.
Red for the Debt.
Red for our Anger.

Despite a FULL YEAR of debate, town halls and grass roots protesting, the Obama Administration is set to defy the will of the American people and ram Health Care Reform through Congress using shady deals and parliamentary gimmickry. Finding no traditional means to pass the sweeping legislation, President Obama has called upon the Democrats to walk the political plank, break Senate decorum and use a Machiavellian - by any means necessary - procedure to finalize its approval.

We the people, have now been put on 2 Week's Notice; the Administration has called for a final vote by March 18, 2010. Such utter disregard for the people whom Congress is supposed to represent must be met with and equal and FINAL push back.

It is well past the time for our Representatives to listen to the people. Let’s show them, in a bold move of solidarity all over the country, that we fully understand the legislation, that we reject it, that we are angry and that we are serious!

On Thursday March 4, 2010, Senator Jim DeMint told Glenn Beck listeners that one of the most effective things we could do to protest the push for Health Care Reform, in its current form, is to go to the local congressional offices and let our voices be heard. He further suggested that we invite the media to cover it. AsAMom has taken this advise as a call to arms and a cry to mobilize our mom troops.

Please, for our children's sake, find as many voices as possible to attend the "Seeing Red Rally" at your local Congressman's offices.

If you have the time, stop by Thursday and let your Congressman know how you feel.

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