Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Violent Liberal Hate Rhetoric: Fifteen Quotes

I hesitate to post this article because of the level of hate that comes through.  Not from the author, but from the liberal quotes he sites.  However, it’s important to have this information when someone on the left says the right is engaging in hate speech.

by John Hawkins

In an effort to distract people from the destructive, illegitimate power-grab-of-a-bill masquerading as health care reform that the Democrats just passed over the objections of the American people, liberal members of Congress have spent days over-hyping threats against them. Of course, the sad reality is that EVERYONE who achieves any notoriety at all in this business gets death threats, but it's only treated as noteworthy by the press when it happens to liberals. Had the exact same events that followed the health care debate happened to Republicans instead of Democrats, it wouldn’t have been a page one story in any major paper in the nation.

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Editors' Note: This column contains language some may find offensive.

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