Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now Who’s the Party of “NO” ?

While you slept last night, did you know the Senate was in session till almost 3 AM?

After 10 hours, the Senate voted on 28 GOP amendments and rejected each and every one, including a Vitter amendment to spare mobile mammography units from punitive tax treatment.

Um, who’s the party of no now?

Among the more noteworthy votes taken so far:

Sen. Coburn’s attempt to bar Viagra for sex offenders was tabled by 57-42. Democrat Sens. Bayh and Nelson voted with the Republicans.

Sen. Vitter’s motion to repeal the Demcare takeover was tabled by 58-39.

Yes, the Vampire Congress is back in business again — shirking the glare of daylight as it tables Republican motion after motion. A final vote on the wreckonciliation bill is expected at around 3:00-6:00am Eastern Thursday morning.

Go here for the roll call votes.

Hattip: Michelle Malkin

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