Friday, March 26, 2010

Democrats Establish Their Agenda


Several blue states were poised to spring into action so as to bring more people to their way of thinking before the ink on the unhealthy bill was dry. Anyone who is going to benefit soon, even if they'll pay dearly in the future, will be a sure Democrat vote or so political wisdom goes. Click here for article.

Here's a little tale that Aesop might like.

The Family in the Blue House
By Lindy

Once upon a time in a big blue house lived a family of Parents, Children and a Nanny. The parents were sensible people who knew the rules for a happy, healthy life. The children loved their parents but spent much time with Nanny.

Nanny let the children know she had access to chocolate ice cream and a brand new cuddly puppy. Nanny had spent months telling her charges they would love the ice cream and adore the puppy when it came, and she told them they could have it all without having to do any chores. WOW! The children were delighted; they looked forward to enjoying the puppy and ice cream. Mother and Father made it known they wanted the children to do their normal chores and not eat too many sweets. They even talked about replacing Nanny with someone who shared their principles and values.

The day came when the concerned parents interviewed a new nanny. They liked her because she adhered to time tested, sensible child care methods with a focus on health, safety and sense of responsibility.

One day the parents called the children to the parlor to make an important decision. The children, knowing that Nanny's chocolate ice cream, of which they’d had a taste, was in the freezer and the puppy on the porch joined their parents. The parents informed them they were to be given a say as to who would be their nanny from then on. They told the children about the new nanny prospect and her views. The children frowned. The parents then asked the children which nanny they wanted. Did they want the one who would provide them with safe, healthy and sensible care or the Nanny in the kitchen who at that moment was clinking bowls and spoons to the tune of How Much Is That Doggy in the Window?

What do you suppose happened next?

You are right! The children cried, argued, pouted, and screamed until the harried parents relented and decided to keep Nanny. The children then cheered and shouted and ran to the kitchen, drooling for chocolate ice cream. And all ended well.

Well, things didn't end well for all. Nanny moved to another blue house and the children grew to be fat and lazy. But it wasn't a bad thing for the puppy. The puppy ended up happiest. He had grown to be a wolf.


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  1. Good analogy. Excellent story telling! I never saw the wolf coming.