Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Fatal Fiddle of Funds - Congressional Reconciliation the Very Opposite of Good!

When I went to Mass today, “Reconciliation” came up. The Second Reading spoke of Reconciliation and The Gospel which recounted the story of the Prodigal son. During the mid-Mass speech, the congregation was prodded by our speaker to share more. Like childhood playground wars, we were told then to share as fellow kids “screamed, ‘not fair’”, the point he was attempting was, to push us to share without regard to perceived fairness. Disregard that, ‘I worked for mine, get your own’ viewpoint and just learn to share more. The speaker said, we need to share with…”the homeless and the immigrants”.

Share with immigrants? Our family is confident that our gift is divinely distributed to legitimately needy causes. When did ‘immigrants’ become a charitable classification? Was our speaker thinking of illegal immigrants? Guess the key adjective. We need to realize that despite all other conditions, disregard for the law is unacceptable and should not be ignored. But I digress. I’m not sure what he meant by the immigrant reference. I wonder what immigrants think of illegal immigrants? Were we supposed to realize that “life isn’t fair so share with immigrants”?

Kind of confusing, but I declare he missed an outstanding opportunity to clarify the current national debate concerning “Reconciliation” since the second reading; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, made multiple mentions of the real kind of Reconciliation, as in reconciling with God. That’s what Catholics call Him. It was a beautifully worded reading and the residual thought; Reconciliation is good.

Now fast forward quickly, quickly, quickly THROUGH the facts of healthcare reform and arrive at this; The U.S. Congress currently, quite publicly, considering (budget) “Reconciliation” to force passage of unread, unwritten, and very unpopular yet pending huge health industry law. Ironically this law would “fatally fiddle” with taxpayer funds. In this Fatal Fiddle of Funds, the devil wouldn’t have to go to down to Georgia. Since, courtesy of Obamacare, ALL pre-borns would be in eminent danger of soul-stealing abortions.

Catholics pay taxes just like other responsible citizens. I find this “coincidental” duel of “Reconciliaton/s” to be unholy and quite troubling in our headlines and sound bites society. True Reconciliation with God, which we in Lent are in the height of trying to achieve, unequivocally opposes the chameleonic deviance and deception of Congressional (budget) “Reconciliation”. This misusage of power and usurpation of the will of the people can only be described as the very opposite of good. Please don’t be fooled.

Becky Lynch

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