Saturday, March 27, 2010

African-American Conservatives Running for Congress

Republicans have recruited their biggest roster of African-American candidates ever.

Many of them are gathered in Washington this weekend for the annual Frederick Douglass Foundation Leadership Summit, where Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele spoke.

The pro-life, anti-gay marriage political group was founded two years ago with the help of North Carolina Republican Party Vice Chairman Timothy Johnson.

Most of the African-American conservatives are long shot candidates. Many say they don’t expect to get the financial backing they desperately need, but they are still determined to raise money much like Obama, by appealing to small grassroots donors, including Tea Party Republicans and conservative Democrats.

Here is a list of black Republican candidates in 2010:

Candidates for the Senate

Candidates for Congress


Source: The Daily Caller

Hattip: Jim, Cleveland 9.12

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