Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bullies Revisited

"This highlights a disturbing trend in Canada: bullies have been taught that they need only shout, threaten to disrupt an event, or mis-label people or activities as ‘hate’ or ‘harassment’ and the innocent will be censored. All too often the authorities listen to these thugs and limit or suppress peaceful speech for fear of what the bullies will do. This is especially true of pro-life speech."
The CCBR release ...... goes on to describe instances of “mob rule” at Canadian universities, where protesters have disrupted or shut down numerous school-approved pro-life and pro-free-speech events."

This is an excerpt from an article about the University of Ottowa's canceling Ann Coulter's visit. Read it here. Bully-power is the refuge of the weak and frightened. They can bully because they have the muscle. They’ve performed in force in the U.S. too.

Here in the States we are watching a curious twist in bully tactics of late. It began when freedom loving constitutionalists saw need to defend their Republic.

The 9-12 Projects, Tea Parties, and citizens who aren’t gonna take it anymore, made an administration that thought it had the mandate to reign supreme, sit up and take note. As numbers grew and voices boomed, administration officials stared at television coverage, and mulled over this unforeseen problem. Who would have thought the people would want a voice? Suddenly with a burst of cleverness, an official blurt out, “This is how we’ll handle them. This is how we’ll douse their flame. Use them against themselves”!

And so it began. First an official or two spoke about how “dangerous” the town hall “mobs” were. Media outlets willingly repeated the charge. More officials feigned righteousness while decrying the “violent” Tea Partiers. Bloggers sent the falsehoods streaming into the consciousness of millions. As the protesters grew in number, so grew the warnings to the presumed gullible people.

Citizens, following their constitutional rights to gather and petition Congress, were becoming victims of propaganda. They were called “a threat” because of the language they used. Our nation was told to fear these protesting common folk, some with children in tow.

What was really happening? The bullies were laying the bully label on the people! A photo of thousands of seriously chanting people can be captioned however the press chooses. Succeeding governmental travesties brought out the anger in people. “Ah” an official said, “So much easier to point the finger of fear.”

The schoolyard bully would gladly throw blame on others when the opportunity arose. But when did he ever orchestrate a long term campaign to sway the thinking of the entire school
population? No, this is a uniquely twenty-first century American twist of bullying.

Is it a successful ploy? That is yet to be seen. Impassioned citizens have gathered by the (1.7) millions and are yet to be officially charged with any violation or even leaving a scrap of litter. People who care about justice have not been cowed, shaken, or found guilty of false charges. They stand strong and clean.

How did your dad tell you to handle a bully? Stand up to him and he’ll leave you alone, right? And it worked! What the code of being a dad didn’t allow him to tell you, until after the fact, was the bully would leave you alone, but maybe not before giving you a black eye.

We the people will have our voices heard. We can’t stop the bully’s insipid plan. But we’re willing to take the black eye. For that eye will always be focused on freedom.


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