Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Left's Answer to Tea Parties? A Cup of Coffee

From The Hill  (emphasis added)

A burgeoning netroots movement has emerged from what its founder characterized as “ranting on my Facebook page.”

Several weeks ago, filmmaker Annabel Park posted a note on her Facebook profile expressing “frustration … listening to news coverage that made it seem like the Tea Party was representative of America.”

That grew into the liberal Coffee Party movement, a play off the conservative Tea Party movement. The Coffee Party consists of people who believe that government can play an active role in resolving the country’s major issues.

Park, a resident of Silver Spring, Md., founded the Coffee Party Movement with a mission to be non-partisan and promote civil discourse on important issues.

“If you don’t believe that the government has any role [in healthcare], then yeah, you should join the Tea Party,” said Park in a Coffee Party introduction video. “But there are many of us who that believe we have to have the government addressing these things, representing our interests.”

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