Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When Your Body Becomes Property of the State

Don’t like redistribution of your wealth? What about redistribution of your bodily organs?

I was researching another matter when I learned at the NCBC that the state of New York may be initiating the first step.

May 7, 2010. Assemblyman Richard Brodsky of New York State has introduced a bill that would set aside “informed consent” for organ donation and substitute in its place “presumed consent.” Under this legislation, the body of the person would be viewed as the possession of the state, and not that of the family, unless the individual made a specific indication or statement that his organs should not be removed without his permission. …

Proposals for presumed consent encourage us to view the human body as a commodity, whose parts can be harvested for the benefit of others. …violates the inherent dignity of the body, which is an essential component of a human person. Similarly, removing organs without consent treats the body of the deceased in a utilitarian manner.“

Read it here.

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