Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rod Walgate - American Policy Roundtable

The August 18th meeting of The 9-12 Project in Mentor, OH.


Lakeland Community College

7700 Clocktower Drive
Room A2101
Kirtland, OH 44094

About the American Policy Roundtable

A generation ago, a handful of "ordinary people" began meeting together out of a growing concern for America. Their conversations, prayers, and research led to the founding of an "extraordinary" public policy effort that would blossom into the American Policy Roundtable.

Recognizing that America is - at its core - a commitment to ideas and principles, the Roundtable was established with the mission of restoring the historic Judeo-Christian principles to American public policy. The Roundtable seeks to fulfill this mission statement by meeting three core objectives:

1) Rekindling the American Spirit -- by telling the story of Liberty everyday.
2) Building networks of leaders, who will help others join in the adventure of responsible citizenship.
3) Overcoming evil in civil society by promoting positive alternatives in public policy.

To accomplish these objectives the Roundtable model is built upon state-based public policy organizations, established in strategic states, all working to change America from "the bottom-up." Each state-based Roundtable organization serves under the auspices of the Board of Trustees of the American Policy Roundtable.

Impacting public policy is a process that requires multiple areas of activity. Competing in the realm of ideas is critical, but alone cannot prevail in a Constitutional Republic. Good government also requires constant vigilance in the Legislative and Judicial process as well as a constant flow of new leaders to serve in public office. The Roundtable model incorporates the necessity of this "three-pronged" approach to public policy.

The meeting is at Lakeland Community College in the A Building (behind the clocktower). There will be signs up to help you find the room. The room, A2101, is on the second floor. Going in the front of the A Building, go down the hall to the book store. Turn right at the book store. Go down the hall toward the Breakers cafeteria and turn left and head down the hall. take the elevator or stairs to the second floor and you will be outside the meeting room door.

There is a $2 Meeting Room Fee. This fee is waived for Active Members who have paid their yearly dues. Children 17 and under may attend free.

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