Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Now that elections are over, we are happy that the Tea Parties helped elect a majority in the house.

Here is one question I never hear asked. Who are the staff members that work for the Congress and Senate? What are their backgrounds? Are they radicals, conservatives, marxists? They are the people who write the bills for the congress and senate, yet I'll bet no voter knows their names or who they are.

Is there somewhere we can get a list of the staff members that work for our congress and senate? Yes, I know they are not elected, they are appointed, but they are not vetted! How can the citizens find out who is running the offices in Washington?

If they write the bills, are their names on the rough drafts and the final bills?

Don't you think voters and taxpayers have a right to know?

I'll bet if you write or call your elected representative and ask about the backgrounds of their staff, you'll be told it's none of your business or they'll hang up on you.

Try it! Ask your representative. I'll bet we would all get some interesting responses!

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