Monday, June 28, 2010

The need for a new amendment to the Constitution?

Ken Connor
Washington's Double Standard

There's recently been some chatter in the blogosphere debating the need for a new amendment to the Constitution – one that would require laws passed by Congress to apply to lawmakers equally as they apply to the rest of American citizens. The feasibility of such a measure is questionable, and currently there is no such amendment being proposed in Congress; nevertheless, the enthusiasm behind the idea reveals a growing sentiment among many Americans that the federal government no longer represents the people, but rather presides in Washington as a group of self-interested elites that long ago lost touch with reality.

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  1. I think Term Limits would accomplish the same thing and be a bit less problamatic.

    I wuold propose 2 terms for senators and 5 or 6 for Representatives. Limit the total time anyone can serve in congress (House plus Senate) to m aybe 14 years. If the politicians knew that they would eventually have to abide by the laws that they promulgate, they would be more surcumspect about the laws that they pass