Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Election day is coming very soon and many of the candidates are starting to say what we want to hear. They know that 912ers and Tea Party members want small, limited government, lower taxes and freedom!

How many candidates have campaign platforms and speeches that say they are for limited government, lower taxes and reduced spending?

Don't be deceived! They have been saying that for 25 years or longer. It's a great campaign slogan, but what do they mean? I always thought limited government and reduced spending meant ELIMINATING or REPEALING something. Ask a candidate to tell you what is he or she going specifically reduce. What is the plan?

Will they commit to voting to eliminate the Federal Department of Education or the Department of Energy? If the Federal Budget for education was 100 Billion, what if we eliminated it and sent one billion dollars to each of the 50 state department's of education. We know better what to do with that money and besides we will have local control of our schools. The other benefit is we save 50 billion dollars.

I am sure you all know how many redundant agencies and laws we have. Why not have one full session of congress to repeal all the unneccessary "stuff". Each day, a congressperson can bring up one bill that should be repealed. Then the House could vote up or down. I'll bet they could spend a complete session of congress repealing unconstitutional bills and have plenty left for another session!

Ask the necessary question. Don't accept generalities. Pin them down to details and specifics!

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