Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chinese Officials Conduct Forced Sterilization Program


Officials in China's Puning county, in Guangdong Province, conducted a 20-day forced sterilization campaign in April, aiming to sterilize 9,559 people who had more children than allowed, the London Times reported.

Relatives of the rule violators were imprisoned in order to force compliance with the sterilization efforts. Huang Ruifeng, who has three daughters, said that officials threatened his father. "Several days ago a village official called me and asked me or my wife to return for the surgery," Huang said, according to the London Times. "Otherwise they would take away my father."

About 100 relatives were being held in cramped conditions April 10, the Southern Countryside Daily reported. "There were some mats on the floor but the room was too small for all people to lie down and sleep, so the young ones had to stand or squat. Owing to the lack of quilts, many cuddled up to fight the cold," according to the newspaper.

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