Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Country Is Their Eternal Monument

Let each citizen in true gratitude proclaim to any foreign or domestic enemy who comes in the guise of deceit with intent to destroy: "We are Americans. Listen to our words, you enemies of God and country. Our country is a strong country and our message is a strong message. Our ancestors and our families have left their blood on the green of LExington, in the snows of Valley Forge, on the fields of Gettysburg. They have battled the noble cause of human dignity and freedom. Our American blood has even crimsoned the waters of the River Marne and the forest of Argonne, the beachheads of Salerno and Normandy; it has flowed on Iwo Jima and Pearl Harbor. Our country will live up to its ideals - ideals for which millions have sacrificed their lives.

Our country is their eternal monument."

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