Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nebraska First to Allow Women to Sue for Psychological Injury After Abortion

Doctors Must Screen for Coercion and Other Risk Factors for Abortion Complications

One of the greatest myths perpetuated by pro-abortion folk is that pro-life folk are only interested in the baby, not the mother. As pro-abortion talking points are being dismantled daily by advances in technology, thorough studies and first person testimonies, legislators around the country are seeing through the propaganda to an indisputable fact. With every abortion there are two victims, the mother and the child.

Nebraska Enacts First-Ever Abortion Ban Based on Fetal Pain

As incredible as it is to believe in this world of medical technology, there are still people who will tell you that some of God's children are "just a blob of tissue". When f0rced to admit medical facts the next the argument is, "Well they aren't developed enough to feel pain." Really? Only a few years ago it was not known that the heart is beating after only 18 days.* Not long ago it wasn't know that newborns dream ** and pre-born babies sleep at 4 weeks.*** My heart truly bleeds for post-abortive parents who believed the hype and now come to realize what they did. Nevertheless, in the attempt to prevent more tragedies, the truth must be known.

Two wonderful breakthroughs in the quest to save both mother and child have recently been established in Nebraska. Read them here and also here.

* Pro-Life action league, Chicago, 773 777 2900,

** "He quoted a study by Roffwarg and Associates who at the start of their research believed that infants do not have REM [Rapid Eye Movement] sleep because they do not dream. But at the end of their study the researchers were startled to discover that not only do newborns dream – even on the first day of life – they actually dream more than the college students in their studies. (Science, 1966; 152:604)" From Today's News and Views, NRLC

*** "We now know that they [unborn children] begin to sleep at as early as 4 weeks of gestation (Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology, 1975;38:175). Dreams appear to be a kind of parallel processing by which we integrate our experience, making new connections in our brains. In the uterus, babies probably dream about the muted light they see and the sounds they hear such as heartbeats, voices and music." From Today's News and Views, NRLC

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