Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea Party leaders take issue with GOP

By Josh Sweigart, Staff Writer
Updated 12:05 AM Wednesday, April 14, 2010
HAMILTON — All four candidates for two seats on the Butler County Republican Party’s state central committee claim to adhere to “Tea Party values.”

All four say they have signed pledges to keep such Tea Party principles as fiscal responsibility, free markets and smaller government.

But two of them are accusing the other two of using state GOP resources to “scam and confuse potential voters into believing (their) candidates are endorsed by Tea Party organizations,” in the words of candidate Mark Haverkos.

He and fellow challenger Bobbi Radeck — both Tea Party activists — are taking issue with campaign material sent out on behalf of endorsed candidates Tim Evans and Mary Swain . The material includes a Tea Party logo and says the pair have “Tea Party values.”

Tea Party officials say they have not endorsed any candidate , but “The Ohio Republican Party is replete with people claiming they are suddenly Tea Party members,” said Katy Kern, a founder of the Liberty Twp. Tea Party.

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